Comic 1325 - Conductor

4th Jun 2020, 2:28 AM in Volume 6: Tetrapod Triumphant!
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Hex Hornet 4th Jun 2020, 2:50 AM edit delete reply
Hex Hornet
New meaning to "Area of Effect".
Guest 4th Jun 2020, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
I think she stole Batman's gas that makes everyone have an instant orgasm.
Jizz Pond Skeptic 4th Jun 2020, 3:18 AM edit delete reply
Ok real talk for a second though doc. Was she a futa this whole time or just now. She seems like somebody that was just always this way.
DoctorGlasgow 4th Jun 2020, 3:20 AM edit delete reply
Nope, the ritual changed her into one.